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Luke Kraman is a San Francisco based emerging queer artist working primarily in medium format analog photography. He received his BA from the University of Southern California where he studied film production, multimedia literacy and sculpture. His Brooklyn, New York upbringing and his grandparents' analog cameras inspired his fascination with people, composition and captured moments. Luke's photographs reflect a careful eye that is both highly subjective and matter of fact. This quality developed with his earlier work in landscapes and multiple exposures. Today his interests still lie in that contrast as he photographs his queer community through portraiture, exploring the intersection between the expansive nature of queerness and the vulnerability of authentic visibility. He resides in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco and counts himself lucky to have such a vibrant and inspiring queer community to call home.

He recently had one of his queer portraits shortlisted and published in the British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Humanity Vol. 5. A larger spread of his portrait work and a Q&A are featured in the latest issue of “Pamplemousse Magazine: The Human Issue”.

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