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tagging trio

tagging trio

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faguette started with just a few stickers for tagging dive bar bathrooms, lonely street signs, and anything that could benefit from a little faggotry 

keep this set of three 2"x2" stickers in your bag or back pocket for those moments when you get an itch to tag 

note: these stickers will fade when in direct sunlight for extended periods and are not meant to live forever (just like tags)

this purchase supports queer non-profits

half of every dollar you spend gets matched 5x* and goes directly to a rotating list of queer non-profits like junior high la, trans lifeline, the national queer & trans therapists of color network, aids/lifecycle, and transgender law center

so, spending $3 ➫ donates $7.50

or $5 ➫ $12.50

and $20 ➫ $50

but also $100 ➫ $250!

5x matching up to a total donation of $20,000 each year, after which donations of 50% will continue

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