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yucky x queer intimacies postcard set

yucky x queer intimacies postcard set

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"It was a Monday afternoon. Running on scraps of energy after a filled weekend, Yucky, Hernán and I decided - why not, let’s shoot. Four hours, forty-two shots, five looks and five locations later, I had that feeling of exhaustion and exhilaration. These five images represent that afternoon - an afternoon filled with a surprising and potent creative collaboration, a run in with a few homophobic transit workers and a chat with the police they called on us. It turns out, even in the queer San Francisco bubble, drag out in the open can ruffle a few feathers. It was a stark reminder that if bigoted views leading to such scenarios happen here, imagine what it’s like for the queer community elsewhere in this country. We took that pissed off adrenaline and channeled it into our last set up back in the safe space of Yucky’s creative studio – the plastic tarp portrait."

styling/movement direction: Hernán Martinez aka Stoned Fruit


about this postcard set: 

❒ shot on medium format film by luke kraman
➫ pack of 5 postcards, 4.75in x 4.75in
✎ printed on sustainably sourced 32pt card stock with a black seam
◡̈  sets ship from san francisco


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